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A.LESS  WASTE SERVICES - Lee Caflisch716-708-7176 814-665-9999Jamestown-Chautauqua Clymer,NY - Corry,PA

Products from recycled tires and uses

Millions of tires are used up and discarded daily across our country and around the world. Most all states have banned the disposal of tires in landfill.

A. Less Waste is equipped to turn your waste tires in reusable products and dispose of tires properly.

Many unique re-uses have been utilized to "green up" our planet.

Garden and flower planters as well as landscape uses. We can remove one or both sidewalls for whatever use you may dream up. The dark color of the tire and heat retention properties of rubber make these excellent early season planters for garden vegetables.

A. Less Waste offers these FREE for taking.

Retaining walls.

Farm bunk silo ballast.

Radial commercial truck tire sidewalls for sale. $1.25 each. Sold in bundles of 25.

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