A. LESS WASTE SERVICES Owner - Lee Caflisch 716-708-7176 Jamestown,NY 814-665-9999 Corry,PA 716-355-2229 Clymer,NY NY and PA
 A. LESS WASTE SERVICES              Owner - Lee Caflisch 716-708-7176    Jamestown,NY814-665-9999     Corry,PA716-355-2229  Clymer,NY                NY and PA

3yd Bag dumpsters-Dumpster bags

Order your dumpster bag online (usually around $30) at your favorite e-retailer. eBay,Amazon,Lowes or Home Depot .

Follow instructions in package and we can pickup in the folowing towns for a fee (typically $120-$160) above and beyond price of bag. Payment must be prepaid before pickup.

It may take up to 15 days for bag pickup after scheduling due to routing.

We require bag to be placed on driveway or within 5 feet of driveway so that a truck can back directly to it. Bag dumpster must NOT be placed against any structure and not behind any landscape.Truck must be able to back directly to bag dumpster. 

-Dumpster bag must not be blocked by vehicles,landscaping,equipment or any imovable object.  A dry run fee will be charged if bag is not servicable.

2000 lb limit per bag dumpster -No rocks, bricks ,cement blocks, dirt,sod, or burn pile ashes accepted,-

No paint or similiar liquids,tires,batteries, or appliances with freon. Extra charges apply if these items are placed in dumpster bag.

Extra fee for weight beyond 2000 lbs.

Towns in which we pick up dumpster bags.

Clymer    Corry    Elgin     Columbus     Bear Lake    Lottsville       Suagr Grove     Lander       Wattsburg      Colt Station      Panama    Watts Flats      Ashville     Niobe      Lakewood       Busti      Jamestown      Falconer       Celeron       Fluvanna        Frewsburg      Kennedy     Gerry    Sinclairville    Stockton     Dewittville      Bemus Point       Stow     Stedman      Chautauqua       Sherman        Findley Lake         South Ripley       French Creek        




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