A. LESS WASTE SERVICES Owner - Lee Caflisch 716-708-7176 Jamestown,NY 814-665-9999 Corry,PA 716-355-2229 Clymer,NY NY and PA
 A. LESS WASTE SERVICES              Owner - Lee Caflisch 716-708-7176    Jamestown,NY814-665-9999     Corry,PA716-355-2229  Clymer,NY                NY and PA

- Schedule your dumpster delivery for the day before your project starts. Avoid your helpers waiting for it to get there. Stuff happens and trucks break down or traffic and  landfill wait times hold us up . Plan ahead ,be ready before your help arrives.

- Do not block container. It slows delivery times throughout the day for other customers. Help us help the next customer in line get their container on time by not blocking in your on site container.

- Do not place anything flat over drain holes at the front floor of container. Water weighs aproximately 8 lbs to the gallon. It's not uncommon to have several hundred gallons of water in a container with blocked drain holes. You pay for water in diposal fees. Help avoiod overage  fees by not blocking drain holes.

-Schedule your dumpster rental a few days or a week early . Fridays and Mondays are our busiest days. Last minute deliveries/pickups may not be possible on these days. The landfill is closed Saturday/Sunday. PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

-Do not Load the rented dumpster  above the maxmium fill line (top of container)

-Call us if your dumpster is done before rental expiration to schedule the removal of your dumpster

-Give clear placement instructions when ordering your dumpster rental . Some customers spray paint or chalk an outline on the grass or driveway according to dumpster dimensions . (Dimensions of dumpsters are on each link to left)

-Provide an on site contact for our driver to call in the event of questions

-Do not dispose of hazardous waste in the dumpster rentals.  No tires, batteries, liquids, electronics, or appliances with freon accepted. Many of these things can be recycled free of charge. Ask us how.

-Be aware of safety concerns such as power lines and soft surfaces such as mud and grass.

-Select a safe and level placement location (concrete, asphalt and gravel surfaces are ideal)

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