A. LESS WASTE SERVICES Owner - Lee Caflisch 716-708-7176 Jamestown,NY 814-665-9999 Corry,PA 716-355-2229 Clymer,NY NY and PA
 A. LESS WASTE SERVICES              Owner - Lee Caflisch 716-708-7176    Jamestown,NY814-665-9999     Corry,PA716-355-2229  Clymer,NY                NY and PA

Absolutely NO tires, batteries, or liquids/chemicals of any kind may be placed in dumpster.

All dumpsters are clearly marked with a prohibited item placard.

 Landfills place environmental surcharges/fines on these items which will be passed on to the customer.

Tire , battery, and oil recycling services are provided at our location.

Appliances and other metal items may be placed at the rear or on top of debris in dumpster and must be visible to driver for removal before landfilling.

Dumpsters may NOT be excessively loaded over the top. Extra handling charges may apply if debris has to be  moved/removed for safe transport.

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